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Strategy Lighthouse is the leading implementation partner of Strategic Modeling. We provide end to end project services and advise our clients of the best practice in implementation/integration setup and also provide general insights to the strategic finance process.

Strategic Modeling is the best tool in market to implement Scenario Based Strategy. It is packed with out of the box features that makes it fast to implement and to integrate to the existing planning. Competition will typically have to be built from scratch which lengthens the time for implementation and limits the flexibility,

In Brief

A Strategic Modeling setup is essentially a series of prebuilt customizable financial models – each with scenario capabilities:

Models can be consolidated to review and report the financial impact. Changing and creating scenarios is done with a click of a mouse.

Strategic Modeling returns P&L, Balance sheet and Cash Flow statements for all periods Reporting is done either ad hoc with great flexibility or in standardized reports that are great for rolling the strategies forward. Strategic Modeling will have a great impact on the strategic cycles:

  • Move the Strategic Finance process away from the fragile spreadsheets. Strategic decisions should be made on basis on a rock-solid setup and implemented as targets from there
  • Increase frequency of touchpoints with the strategic plans. This will enable leadership to proactively control the strategic course of the company based on the more transparent view of the future


Strategic Modeling features a wide range of prebuilt tools that make strategic modeling easier and robust. It is all built around a unique predefined P/L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow logic – no need to built these features from scratch since they are used similarly across companies. Of course they are customizable to meet special needs. They work from day 1:

Structured account forecasting provides various familiar forecasting methods such as Days Sales Outstanding, Percentage of Revenue. Free Form forecast is easily accessible logic which can be maintained by dedicated finance employees

Funding Routine to model treasury planning. Finance business strategy with combinations of equity and various debt types

What if scenario capabilities support creation of almost unlimited “what if” scenarios adding to managements understanding of opportunities and threats.

Memo accounts for non-financial driver-based forecasting allows the business to use the specific drivers impacting the business to model the future

Debt Scheduler for the repayments of debt

Data Import / Export: Integration to other known planning platforms or directly to Excel

Time Structure Management: Easily add a year to the model. Break a year into Months or quarters. Move the Historical data period. Traditionally very rigid and time consuming in Excel based modeling.

Agile Excel integrated reporting and analysis tools ensures best presentation and leverage of the results

At each point in time the business can revisit the strategy and make necessary changes based on the recent development. Maintaining a number of possible scenarios forces business leaders to think through what could happen if the business environment changed significantly. This minimizes the response time for strategic actions needed to stay on the best course possible.

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