Advisory Services

The most expensive mistake a business makes is a wrong strategic choice. Strategy Lighthouse provide services within financial modeling and sophisticated forecasting methods.

Strategic Modeling

If your business faces tough strategic choices such as:

  • Acquisitions, divestitures
  • Product / geographical expansions
  • Significant capital investments
  • Issuance of Debt/Equity

Strategy Lighthouse has solid experience delivering transparency to complex issues and help companies make the right strategic decisions. This will help Leadership communicate the best possible view of the future to the investors and to formulate the corresponding goals for the business.

Most important for modeling is:

  1. Gain the necessary business understanding of the business environment
  2. Choose the right tool to perform the modeling

Strategy Lighthouse can assess the specific needs and help pick the right setup for the client to evaluate the desired outcome.


Predictive Forecasting

Large amounts of market data can provide a valuable insight for businesses to make strategic choices. For example businesses and organizations may want to:

  • Estimate demand curves for certain products
  • Estimating development of categories
  • Estimate Macroeconomic impacts to categories and demand

Strategy Lighthouse has vast experience within applied predictive modeling using sophisticated econometric methods and statistical methods such as Monte Carlo Simulation. We help businesses perform both one-off analysis and cyclical updates of market predictions.

EPM Strategy

The Enterprise Performance Management landscape is complex. If your business is looking for inspiration, on how to adopt a strategy that can lead to a completely integrated planning solution handling everything from strategic modeling to more detailed short term tactical planning and follow up, Strategy Lighthouse can provide valuable inspiration

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